May is National Smile Month! Did you know that the oral cavity is related to many important health issues?  Your smile is the first thing people see and can leave a lasting impression. The oral cavity is the entryway to every system in the body. Having your teeth cleaned regularly helps to prevent, reduce, and eliminate the inflammatory response. It can also reduce your chance of Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and stroke. Having a healthy smile will help to increase your chances of being able to eat a healthy diet for the rest of your life.

Cavities can lead to bad breath, be painful, and cause infection in the entire body. Rowland Family Dentistry specializes in helping you keep your smile for life. We offer restorative services including fillings, root canals, crowns, extractions, and dentures. We also offer cosmetic services including whitening, Botox, and dermal fillers. Rowland Family Dentistry also offers functional services including Invisalign and TMJ treatment. We would love to be your family dentist and put a smile on your family’s face!