Was last year STRESSFUL? ⚡️During stressful periods of life you’re more likely to experience clenching and grinding during sleep! We’re here to help our patients combat the effects of clenching and grinding their teeth. We recommend a BITEGUARD. 🤺 Biteguards are a custom made protective appliance to go over your teeth.

Often, generic biteguards can be purchased at a local drug store. While this type appliance can help in reducing wear on your teeth for a short period of time, they typically don’t last, especially with the stress put on them during grinding or clenching.

A custom made biteguard is lab-fabricated for you and only you. Our biteguards have a warranty and come in a variety of types in order to meet your specific needs.

Niteguards are fabricated from a digital scan of your teeth. Our scanner uses a wand about the size of an electric toothbrush to take a video image of your teeth to email to our lab. This is comfortable for you, our patient, and it makes getting your biteguard back quicker and its more likely to be accurate. No more messy impressions!

Most insurance plans restart at the beginning of the year and cover biteguards! Call our office today for more info: 270-685-1777!